Kaweco Sport Bronze


Heavy model of the Sport series made of high quality bronze with an individual touch. The Bronze Series is limited and will not be reproduced. 

The use of bronze has a long history in a multitude of different areas. Due to its high wear resistance, the material is used preferably for products that face a heavy exposure. The high copper content of the red-brown alloy also makes the product anti-bacterial. That is why bronze is the ideal raw material for manufacturing writing instruments. 

The pocket sized fountain pen only measures 10.5cm when closed. WIth the cap attached, it extends to a more standard size of 13.5cm

With daily use, the high quality bronze develops a natural and unique patina. The writing instrument already presses lightly on t the paper by itself due to its high weight. This feature makes it possible for you to write longer and more comfortably. 

The sturdy bronze is complemented by fine silver elements, such as the logo cap and the nib. 

The ballpoint pen comes standard with a blue, 1.0 mm thick D1 refill.

The rollerball comes standard with a black 0.7mm G2 rollerball refill.

The mechanical pencil with a line width of 0.7 mm is perfect for sketching and drawing. Due to the pressure mechanism, the mine always remains precise and is therefore ideal for on the go, as you never have to sharpen it. The wide housing protects the lead from breaking. The replacement leads for the mechanical pencil have the medium degree of hardness HB.

Pen Pouch available here


Pen Case available here

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