Kaweco Twist & Out Cartridge Holder


The Twist&Out is now available to match the Kaweco pens. 

The organisational accessory with a matt Kaweco logo imprint impresses with its sophistication: fits in every pocket and is the perfect companion for all those who write a lot. 

The black cartridge dispenser contains eight cartridges of Kaweco ink in royal blue.

The turquoise cartridge dispenser contains 8 ink cartridges. In addition to the strong colors Ruby Red, Palm Green, Paradise Blue and Sunrise Orange, soft tones such as Midnight Blue, Summer Purple, Caramel Brown and Smoky Gray are also included.
Afterwards, the cartridge dispenser can always be refilled with the selected colour of ink. Tip: In order to avoid unsightly colour contamination when changing the colour of the ink cartridges, we recommend our Kaweco cleaning syringe for quick and thorough cleaning of the nib.

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