La Bougie Scent Nebuliser Oil Blends


10ml Oil Blends for use with La Bougie Nebuliser

"Discreet, yet bold, I use our Scent Nebuliser all day long to fragrance my home.  With no water tanks to fill it is so easy to use.  Simply screw in your La Bougie oil blend and press a button.  Perfect.  No mess.  No fuss.  I love it!"   

Lucy Hagerty, Perfumer

With a timer for continuous use or intermittent bursts, now even the largest of open plan spaces or the cosiest of rooms can be perfectly fragranced with our Scent Nebuliser.

The Scent Nebuliser has been designed to use ONLY with La Bougie Oil Blends.  Any oils designed for use with water are NOT suitable and will damage the machine.

"The old gnarled fig tree in the garden of my family home in Tuscany takes centre stage in this fragrance. Whether lunching under it's canopy or reading a book in the dappled sunshine, this tree has inspired me to create my iconic perfume" 

- Lucy Hagerty, Perfumer

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