LAMY Studio - Special Edition Rose


Lamy Special Edition 2023 Studio Rose.

The Special Edition for 2023 is Rose, which has a shiny light pink body with a slight shimmer.

Designer: Hannes Wettstein.

With its timeless design and sense of functionality at the highest level, Lamy has won more awards than any other pen manufacturer. The quality is the best imaginable and they manufacture all parts themselves in their own factory in Heidelberg, Germany.The LAMY studio elegantly shows just how close design and art can be. This premium writing instrument seamlessly fuses its individual elements with its convex cylindrical form while simultaneously foregoing all unnecessary embellishments. The propeller-shaped, seemingly twisted clip counters the objective elegance of the LAMY studio with an innovative design accent.

Fountain Pen: Fountain pen / rose matt lacquer finish / metal clip in propeller shape /  polished steel nib, with LAMY T 10 blue ink cartridge; suitable for converter LAMY Z 27.

Ballpoint Pen: Ballpoint pen with twist mechanism / rose matt lacquer finish with steel propeller-shaped clip, with a twist-mechanism, with giant refill LAMY M 16 black M.

Rollerball Pen: Rollerball pen / lacquer finish rose matt finish, steel propeller-shaped clip, with refill LAMY M 63 M black.


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