Leuchtturm1917 Diary 2024 Planner Stickers - Monthly or Year Overview

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Planner Stickers 2024

Those who want to add a calendar function to their notebook will find the ideal solution in our new self-stick planners. It allows you to easily create an additional planning tool. A resealable envelope contains stickers with pre-dated calendar inserts. There is a choice of one set for monthly and another set for yearly overviews. The self-stick planners can then be inserted in the right place in the notebook at the appropriate time. If you start a new notebook during the course of the year, you can continue in it with the remaining planning overviews. 

Set 1 – Monthly overviews


This is the quick and easy way to transform a notebook into a monthly planner:
The resealable envelope contains 24 stickers for 12 pre-dated monthly overviews. Each month has a self-stick double page that can be affixed to the notebook and labelled at the appropriate time.

Product details
• 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2024
• For Medium (A5) notebooks

Set 2 – Yearly overviews

When are you planning your holidays? Which business trips are coming up? Information that can be easily kept in the notebook with the help of the self-stick planners.This set includes eight annual calendar and planning overviews which can really help you stay on top of things.

Product details
• Calendar overview 2024 and 2025
• Planning overview January – December 2024
• For Medium (A5) notebooks


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