Leuchtturm1917 - Sketchnote Journal


A picture is worth a thousand words: the new Sketchnote Journal

    How can I learn to visualise my thoughts quickly and easily on paper? The Sketchnote journal is a source of inspiration and a workbook with guidance and tips from professionals intended to help you learn how to create visual notes step by step – the basics are shown in an easily understandable and fun way. Do you want to get your colleagues excited about an idea? Would you like to create understandable notes or simply bring order to your own thoughts? Explaining something with the usual methods often only works to a limited extent because there is a lack of structure and because everyone understands things differently.

    Sketch and note. Visual notes. Practically all ideas and concepts can be visualised using this method. Sometimes just a few strokes are enough to give form to a mental model, making it visible and thus understandable for others. There is a good reason for the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.

    From simple icons and stick figures to typography styles and finished visual notes. For the shopping list, when journaling or for work – it is really easy and anyone can do it. 

    Sketchnotes help you to …


    • Develop new ideas
    • Visualise your own thoughts
    • Work in a structured manner
    • Learn things more easily


    ... and they bring a sense of fun to creating notes.



    The quick and easy way to visualise ideas.
    • Medium (A5)
    • Hardcover
    • 145 x 210 mm


    This notebook can be embossed free of charge - to add embossing to your order click here


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