Maria Vadia - Jesus, Man Of War


Most people think that praise is just singing a few songs before a prayer meeting-but the high praises of God are a powerful weapon against the enemy forces and demonic strongholds we face in our lives. Maria Vadia teaches us how to use our spiritual weapon of praise in Jesus: Man of War, His Victory for those who Praise Him!

The Enemy has kept most of God's people in a state of deception when it comes to praise, keeping believers in of slumber, looking nice, quiet and dignified. All the while lives don't change, victory is not experienced, bondage remain and evil keeps advancing. Church wake up! It is time to stop grumbling and complaining. Start praising God as He deserves and as He likes! Open you mouths wide and start releasing the high praises of God. As you do the rivers of living water will start flowing from deep within you, through you and out into your atmosphere. He lives inside you and is released through your high praises. This means when the Lord hears the sounds of praise, He shows up to intervene, defend, save, rule and Reign! He shows up to heal, deliver, set captives free and restore! This is Kingdom lifestyle! With the Holy Spirit we can live our lives wrapped in the praises of our God, experiencing the blessing of an open heaven.

"Maria Vadia, in her book, Jesus: Man of War!, tells us that the Lion of Judah has conquered evil and sickness through His death and resurrection.
The Lord has given us authority over all the powers of the enemy. We come into that power through praise and worship. As troubles cease, we enter into victory of the Lion of Judah.

-Fr. Tom DiLorenz


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