Moher Soap Co. Handmade Soap


Cleanse, moisturise and soothe your skin with our all-natural handmade soap crafted from plant oils and butters, pure essential oils, herbs and spices.

All our soap recipes have been specifically developed to produce a mild and skin-nourishing product that offers a long-lasting lather and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and radiantly healthy.

The actual fabric you would receive might differ from the one on the picture as we are constantly changing our fabrics. Just to keep things interesting!

Calendula is considered one of the most effective herbal remedies for skin problems. Infusions of Chamomile are used to soothe itchy skin and to reduce skin inflammation. Together with Shea Butter these infusions create a rich, mild and moisturising soap excellent for DRY, DAMAGED, MATURE & SENSITIVE skin. It has a calming scent of Mandarin and Lavender essential oils.

Lavender & OatmealThe Oats in this natural soap gently exfoliate and moisturise the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth while the Lavender essential oil provides a soothing and calming effect.

Organic Irish Seaweed, harvested by hand on the shores of County Clare, contains several beneficial vitamins and minerals that help eliminate toxins from the skin. This gentle soap benefits from its unique blend of essential oils which are ideal for balancing and regulating sebum production, particularly suitable for Combination and Oily skin.

We source our seaweed directly from Wild Irish Seaweed and it’s sustainably hand harvested by The Talty Family off the coast of Co. Clare. All their seaweeds are 100 % naturally grown and organically certified.

Spirulina Powder is a Blue / Green algae that grows in pristine Lakes, Ponds and Rivers. It is a well documented modern-day superfood due to its high concentration of carotenoids. It is a dark Green powder rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B12, plus various Minerals and Fatty Acids.

Wild Rose: The moisturising Shea Butter in this natural soap will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, while the Rose Geranium essential oil will revive your spirits.

Our Sustainable Palm oil is sourced from a reputable distributor for a RSPO certified member.

The soap bars might differ from the ones in the pictures as we are constantly changing the look of our soaps, but rest assured that the quality is ALWAYS the same.

Ingredients: Water; Saponified Olive Oil, RSPO Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil; Essential oils; 

Burren Meadow: The first time I saw the Burren here in Co. Clare, I was amazed not only by its beauty but also by all the delicate flowers that grow within the crevices in the limestone. The two tones of this soap symbolise The Burren with the rich grey charcoal representing the limestone under summer skies. The delicate floral scent of the essential oils brings you back to its summer meadows with their tiny flowers hidden from sight. This soap is gentle enough to use on dry and sensitive skin.

Rosemary and Lemongrass: Feel revitalised and refreshed by the herbaceous aroma of our blend of rosemary and lemongrass essential oils. Create the perfect mood to re-energise your senses after a workout or a long run!

Suitable for FACE & BODY - All skin types

Avoid contact with eyes.

NET weight: approx. 100g

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