Nadja Carlotti Jewellery - Kern Earrings Stud Large


This collection is an evocation of small or large pebbles that we collect and that we sow in clusters on a hiking trail to signify our passage. This trail is the one that leads to the theatrical Green Sand Beach, on Big Island, Hawaii. To reach this magical beach, you will have to cross lava fields not far from South Point, park the car in a vacant lot, walk 3 miles in the middle of nowhere, in the pampas and then on a dry and dusty path. Being hot, thirsty, wondering if this is the right path because you won't meet anyone for 1 hour, then reassure yourself by finally discovering the ocean and some kerns. It must be over there.

Finally, see this majestic beach forming a perfect half circle like a natural amphitheater. Place your small pebble on the heart-shaped kern already built on the cliff before descending among the rocky furrows to reach the olive green sand bordering the rough ocean.

Pattern dimensions: 1.1 x 0.3 cm

Nadja Carlotti Jewellery started in 2007. With a Master of Arts at the Duperré School, Nadja has been designing jewelry for over 14 years with her signature feminine, airy and light style.

All the jewelry is designed and manufactured in the Paris region by Parisian or Ile-de-France artisans. 

Guaranteed nickel free brass and gilded with 24k (1 micron) fine gold

Care tips for your jewelry: do not put it in contact with water, perfume or any cosmetic or household product. 
Ideally, store it in its small pouch or its box


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