Paper High - Buffalo Leather Passport Holder

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Keep your passport safe and sound in our buffalo leather passport holder. Made with high quality leather that is designed to wear well.

This leather passport holder is a good-looking protector for your passport and designed to cope beautifully with any knocks it may take on its travels. The leather has been treated and oiled to ensure it is sturdy and watertight, ideal for travelling in all sorts of conditions. Inside, there's room for your passport and slots for bank cards and a larger section for tickets or travel documents too.

Our leather passport holders are made with buffalo leather, a beautiful hard-wearing leather that is treated and oiled to become sturdy and showerproof. The leather is produced using traditional methods which allows the leather to retain its character. You will find that each product has a slightly different finish because of this, we love that each of our leather products is unique whilst always maintaining a high-quality end result.

Our passport holders are handmade from start to finish using traditional methods. Because of this, the leather will look slightly different each time. We love that it makes each item unique – as unique as the travels and adventures it will go on.

Approximate dimensions (folded) : 13 x 11 cm

Fits standard EU passport

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