Scribble & Stone Earrings - 14kt GoldFill Mini Diverge Earrings


Delicate earrings in luxurious, durable 14kt GoldFill. This style was inspired by our previous best selling Diverge Earrings but this time around we've reimagined them in a more delicate fashion and using better 14kt GoldFill metal. The earrings feature a curved spiral shape with diamond-cut facets that catch and reflect light, producing a dynamic sparkling effect. 


Ear Stud: 2mm ear stud, 14kt Gold Fill

Drops: 14kt Gold Fill diamante facet spirals approx: 4cm long

Overall length: 5cm

Why use GoldFill?

Goldfill is such a wonderful material. It gives the look of 14kt Gold at a fraction of the price. Also known as "rolled Gold" it is a layer of precious gold metal pressure bonded to another metal usually another yellow metal like brass. Not to be confused with its cheaper cousin gold plating, GoldFill contains far more of the precious metal, is tarnish resistant and EU regulated. It is currently more valuable than Sterling Silver and even Vermeil (sterling silver with Gold plating). It is a wonderful material, try it, we think you'll be impressed!

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