Shock of Grey Earrings - Jenny


Chrissy Statement Earrings in abstract textured brass with rectangle of

Jenny handpainted lasercut wood and brass statement earrings in sage green with stainless steel ear pins. Colours are in reverse on the back (Sage/Emerald, Red/Pink, Pink/Red, Blue/Powder Blue, Lilac/Lilac

Dimensions 56 h x 30 w mm


Keep me away from water, moisturisers and creams at all times.
Don't be too rough with me. Dropping your jewellery may cause breakage.
Avoid exercise and excess sweating while wearing your Shock of Grey pieces.
Although I am beautiful to look at, I am terrible in bed.
Please take me off before you go to sleep and store me flat in the box you received me in to keep me safe!
Do not store loose with other jewellery or pockets/bags as this will likely cause damage to surfaces or breakage.

How to Clean your piece:
Brass will tarnish over time (even a short amount of time can cause patina or darkening of the metal) so to keep me looking smart, use a soft cloth and a little brass polisher (I use Brasso) for brass, damp cloth for silicone, PVC and for wood. Gold plated chains should not be cleaned or the gold colour will be removed (Multi Shape necklaces, Big Ball/Bauhaus pendants & Cube necklaces). As with all costume jewellery the gold plating may fade over time. Heart & Daisy hoops are made with Gold plated brass and will fade over time. You can purchase replacement hoops from us and if you wish, post back old ones for eco recycling. Laserable plastic can be cleaned with a a cloth & Cif. Copper studs can also be cleaned using Brasso. Acrylic can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

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