Soruka Wallet - Purse Anutza

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Recycled Leather purse with magnetic closure front flap.

Inside are 4 compartments:

Front compartment with clear pocket for drivers license or cards, 2nd compartment, then zip compartment for coins which has a coin divider, the 4th compartment has card holder pockets for 4 cards

Please note - due to the nature of each piece being a one off, the colours may vary. If you would like to know what colours combinations we have in stock please email us at

Soruka is committed to creating stunningly beautiful leather bags and purses in the most sustainable and environmentally way possible. Artisans in India use leather cut offs that would have ended up in land fill to craft the most stunning one off pieces so you can help save the planet and look good. 

Each and every piece of our collection is made with integrity and kindness by artisans, using traditional techniques, showcasing their expertise and craftsmanship. All our artisans are trained adults over 18, who receive beyond fair trade wages.

Our aim is to be a zero waste company and so we try to use every scrap of material. With great effort and joy our artisans select the cutting and the right colors in order to transform waste into a unique piece of art.
    The smallest cuttings are used for our small items such as key-chains, bracelets, jewelry and small decorations items that we´re selling in our shop.

12.5cm x 10cm x 3.5cm


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