The Good Roll - Bamboo Toilet Roll Unwrapped & Unbleached - 24 Rolls


Bamboo toilet paper

A world where trees are not needlessly cut down and everyone uses sustainable toilet paper. It sounds like a dream, but The Good Roll will do everything to make it the reality. That's why, in addition to recycled toilet paper, we now offer our exclusive bamboo toilet paper. Made from 100% bamboo for 0% guilt. As soft as a panda, as strong as a bear!

Recycling paper is incredibly important, but ultimately we need to get to a situation where we not only prevent waste, but actively make an impact in CO2 reduction. And this is exactly where bamboo toilet paper is the solution for!

Bamboo is in fact the perfect example of CO2 capture. Maybe you already knew, but bamboo grows extremely fast. This happens because building materials and CO2 are converted into actual bamboo. Trees do this too, only bamboo is much faster and better at it. Is it time to cut down bamboo? Then it just grows back. So it is the definition of sustainability. All this makes for soft, sturdy and incredibly eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper.


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