The Real Wine Gum - Chardonnay


Vinoos introduces edible Wine as Real Wine gums, literally!

This fashionable Chardonnay balances floral notes with exotic flavors.

The nose is elegant, with the richness of the fruit enhanced by lychee, peach and pear. Nuance of limes on the palate combine to offer a delicious, flavorful wine gum with a creamy taste and a lingering and refreshing aftertaste.

Large single gift box: 50 grams


These lifestyle wine gums are an adult luxury and they try to achieve the taste of that first sip of wine in a new way, without actually drinking. Legal fun all day!

A totally new and exclusive design concept for the extraordinary market, without animal substances and mostly natural ingredients. They are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are free of alcohol, gluten, fat, nuts, gelatine, lactose and artificial colours.

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