Tom Wright - Paul Biography


Wright puts us in the center of Paul’s world, in the midst of all the doubts and fears surrounding this remarkable man. Looking back from the comfort of modern times we assume that the establishment of the early church was destined from the outset. Paul never thought of establishing a “new” religion, quite the contrary, he saw Jesus as the Jewish messiah predicted in Hebrew eschatology. His insistence on including the gentiles in this new messianic world order enabled the miraculous founding of a new world view. Paul saw the messianic prophesy fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus as the savior of all humanity, not just the Jews. Understanding Paul’s success, in spite the insurmountable odds he faced and opposition from every conceivable established political force at that time, has renewed my faith in the miracle of the birth and spread of Christian. Never could have happened without this man or Gods invisible hand guiding this extraordinary “Jewish” believer!  

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