TWSBI - Precision Gunmetal Fountain Pen


All aluminum Cap, Grip, Barrel
Stainless steel and brass clip, end cap, head stock, rings, etc...
Piston Filler Type 

Please note : ink is not included

In recent years, the development and modernization of writing instruments has resulted in traditional writing instruments, such as fountain pens, falling into obscurity. It was our goal to bring the past back to life by creating a traditional fountain pen that even modern day society can appreciate.

By fusing the traditional mechanisms of the fountain pen with a modern industrial design, we have created an eye-catching fountain pen that is simultaneously appreciative of the past and relevant in the present. The Precision FP comes with a piston filling mechanism and has all detachable parts. We felt that it was important to allow the user to disassemble and reassemble the pen and completely experience the traditional aspects of owning and using a fountain pen.

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