Van Verre - Bordallo Bowl - Small Ø15.5cm


Bordallo Pinheiro designed this ceramic tableware in 1884 as he was inspired by the shape of cabbage leafs. He encountered an immediate success. Since then the collection established itself as an example of 19th Century Portuguese cultural heritage. It is a classic art-deco masterpiece.

The cabbage leaf dishes are still cast in traditional molds and glazed by the hand of the craftsman. In close collaboration with Bordallo’s workshop, VAN VERRE developed its own line of bowls and plates. In addition to the traditional cabbage-leaf green, VAN VERRE added new contemporary colours including aubergine, pink, beige and multiple hues of blue. We also renewed the designs.

Use: Bordallo Tableware can be used in both the microwave and dishwasher. So in addition to having a piece of famous art on your table, it is easily used to serve a fresh green salad or another one of your favourite dishes.

These bowls shaped like cabbage leaves are ideal for a healthy breakfast of yoghurt or oatmeal or for a delicious bowl of steaming soup. The Bordallo bowls are available in different colours and combine perfectly with the Fleur de Lys Glasses, the Marco Polo glass collection and the olivewood kitchen accessories.

Handmade in Portugal

Size: 17.5cm diameter

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