Van Verre - Bordallo Dinner Plate


These bowls shaped like cabbage leaves are ideal for long meals at festive tables with family and friends and they are a real centrepiece on your table.

Imagine this extra-large plate decoratively placed underneath a dinner plate or presenting a dish onto the table when having a wonderful dinner with family and friends. The cabbage leaves form a beautiful base to present your favourite food. Bordallo Pinheiro designed this tableware in 1884. He encountered an immediate success; since then the collection established itself as an example of the 19th century. The cabbage leaf dishes are still cast in traditional moulds and are glazed following every vein. In close collaboration with the Bordallo’s workshop, VAN VERRE has developed a new line of bowls and plates, in the traditional green and other contemporary colours.

handmade in Portugal

The VAN VERRE Bordallo collection is dishwasher safe.

Diameter 31.5cm

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