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West Cork Beard Company beard oils are made with just four natural ingredients.

All oils contain Argan Oil softens and moisturises and is easily absorbed into your skin and beard and Golden Jojoba Oil which works to reduce dryness and irritation and its anti-bacterial properties keep your beard healthy.


Our Cinnamon Bark and Black Pepper beard oil is sweet yet invigorating. This long lasting oil is perfect for adding softness, warmth and energy to your beard.

  1. Cinnamon Bark Oil gives a warming sensation which can lift and stimulate mood while adding a sweet scent to your beard.
  2. Black Pepper Oil improves circulation for a great boost in colder months and is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Cedarwood and Siberian Fir is our best selling beard oil! Inspired by the woods of West Cork, this masculine and woodsy beard oil stimulates, energizes and nourishes while adding the subtle scent of the forest to your beard.  Cedarwood Oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to care for your skin and beard. It helps to stimulate hair follicles and increase circulation which may lead to increased hair growth.  Siberian Fir Needle Oil has anti-bacterial and astringent properties which can help a variety of skin conditions such as acne and eczema. It also has an invigorating fresh scent. 

Our Peppermint and Tea Tree beard oil adds softness, shine and a great fresh scent to even the most rugged beards. Designed as a morning oil, the peppermint and tea tree oils combine to enliven and awaken your beard as you prepare for your day. Peppermint Oil gives a cooling sensation which can promote calmness while also adding a great fresh scent. Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic properties to keep your beard in excellent condition.

Our Sandalwood and Juniper Berry beard oil is a masculine and woodsy beard oil that is perfect for daytime. With the strength of Sandalwood and the crispness of Juniper, this nourishing oil will have your beard feeling and smelling great. Sandalwood Oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to care for your skin and beard. It is also known to enhance mood.  Juniper Berry Oil is rich in antioxidants and is a natural remedy for skin conditions such as rash and acne. 

Relax and unwind with our soothing Lavender and Chamomile beard oil. Its subtle scent is perfect after your evening shower to help de-stress before bedtime. Made with premium nourishing oils to help your beard get all it needs as you sleep. Lavender Oil can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Its antimicrobial and antifungal properties have been found to treat acne without clogging your pores. Chamomile Oil is anti-inflammatory and soothing to dry skin. Its scent can help induce a good night's sleep.

Our Unscented beard oil is perfect for men who want all the benefits of beard oil with zero scent. Combat beard itch, moisturise your skin and hair, and soften your beard with this conditioning oil. With only two ingredients, this beard oil is as natural as they come.


*All our beard oils are vegan.



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