Leuchtturm1917 - Drehgriffel Pens


[dreː][gríffel] The name is a tribute to the culture of writing. It combines the word Dreh (twist), a reference to the twist mechanism, and the term Griffel (pen), a name for the oldest writing instrument in the world (from the Greek grapheĩon = writing instrument).

Inspired by the original 1920 design. The Drehgriffel Nr. 1 makes a striking statement, with its hexagonal silhouette. The narrowly tapered tip, like the twist mechanism, comes in a colour that contrasts with the body. The twist mechanism and refill of this multiple design award-winning writing utensil are made in Germany. The Drehgriffel Nr. 1 is precisionmilled in aluminium and brass, then varnished and sealed. It has a spring-loaded twist mechanism and is available as a ballpoint pen with royal blue ink and as a version with a black gel refill.

All pens coming with Ballpoint and Blue ink unless otherwise noted. 

Matching pen loops available here

Ballpoint and Gel refills available here

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